“Timeless Beauty Of The Gulf Of Thailand”

Photo Trip-edAs part of our ongoing efforts to promote the marine scene in the Gulf of Thailand and the region’s natural beauty, we recently hosted a group of photographers and bloggers from Bangkok to enjoy an overnight stay at Ocean Marina Yacht Club and a day out exploring and photographing the nearby islands under the theme “Timeless Beauty of the Gulf of Thailand”.

More and more Thai people are enjoying the marine lifestyle and are appreciating their own national natural treasures. The Gulf of Thailand is home to 187 islands, many of them untouched and deserted and are the stereotypical idyllic tropical island.

Within an hour or so of Ocean Marina Yacht Club there are many spectacular islands and beaches, and some interesting rock formations which make for great a day out and quality snorkelling.

On the last weekend of August we hosted 12 Thai photographers and bloggers, introduced them to the area and the operations of Ocean Marina Yacht Club, and then took them out for a day of fun in the sun on our own MY Champagne. While it was a fun day out, the photographers and bloggers were also hard at work looking for the best angles and unique views that show off the area in the best light.

Keep an eye on our facebook page as we will be sharing some of the spectacular images they shot, soon.