Destination Focus: Koh Rang Kwian and Koh Rin

Destination Focus: Koh Rang Kwian and Koh Rin

Ocean Marina’s close proximity to Bangkok makes it the number one coastal destination and weekend getaway for the capital’s 8+ million inhabitants. Within minutes of arriving at the marina, visitors can be on the water enjoying the 43 islands that are within one hour by boat. In fact, the Gulf of Thailand offers spectacular cruising with a total of 187 islands dotted along the coastline.


One of the closet islands to Ocean Marina Yacht Club is Koh Rang Kwian, a small rocky outcrop located approximately 12km directly off the marina. Koh Rang Kwian is a relatively untouched island gem easilly reached by boat. Also known as Cliff Rock it’s rugged features make it a stand out from many other islands nearby.


Heading 10km west of Koh Rang Kwian is Koh Rin, famed for its 800 metre long white sandy beach. The crystal clear waters are great for swimming and the coral in the main bay a good place for snorkelling. For those that enjoy a little more adventure, try the reefs at nearby North Rock and South Rock.


photo credit for both photos: Photo by Pescov. Source: Wikimedia.