Expecting to attract 6,000 visitors in 2017, Pattaya’s only Marina-Front Luxury Lifestyle / Boat Show celebrates its fifth edition in November.

Taking place at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, one of South East Asia’s premier marina complexes, the show boasts over 20,000 square metres for exhibition space attracting over 100 exhibitors representing many of the world’s leading boating and luxury goods brands – making the 2017 show a must attend event for the marine industry.

Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show 2017 demonstrates Pattaya’s image as one of Asia’s leading seaside resort hubs with outstanding facilities and the capability to host large scale international events.

The show will stimulate tourism, as well as marine industry and related businesses such as boat building, boat sales, boat charter, boat parts & accessories, boat services, water sports and marina based property sales.

Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show 2017 has a comprehensive Commercial Sponsorship and Partnership Program that enables corporate Asia to get involved with the marine world.

The growing popularity of sailing makes it the ideal platform for companies in Asia to increase their brand awareness.

Few events offer a more attractive image – companies who associate themselves with Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show 2017 align themselves with a show that epitomizes prestige and excellence.


For any interest, please send your enquiry to Ian Lok  Email:ian@oceanmarinayachtclub.com